You’re Invited to attend our Summer Session with Mychal Woodard

**Our Summer session runs from the week of July 10th through the last week of August


**Total Cost for Summer Session is $100.

Summer Schedule Held @ CER South

Monday: Youth Dance (11 & under) – 4:30-5:30

Tuesday: Senior Dance (15 & Up) – 4:30-5:30

Wednesday: Junior Dance (12-14) – 4:30-5:30




Tryouts will be held Friday August 24th & Saturday August 25th at CER North!

Clinic Times for Friday August 24th (dance choreo will also be on the FB page)

(We will still hold normal summer session classes the following week)


Youth (12 & Under) -5:30-7:00

Junior (13-15) – 7:00-8:30

Senior (16 & Up)- 8:30-9:45

Saturday Times:  9:00-10:30 for 12 & under/10:30-12:00 for 13 & Up


**All kids who tryout will either be placed on a team or invited to continue with dance class for 1 season to learn the basics. 


We will ensure the fall Schedule works with your cheer team schedule


**Teams will practice twice a week in the fall. 1 on Sunday/1 on weeknight

Competition Schedule

October 28 – Showcase  $65

December 2 – X Evolution  $65

January 18-20 – Spirit of Hope**  $149

March 30-31 – BATB in Myrtle Beach  $149 (price estimated…not on website)