Your first class is free so call us, make sure the class has an opening, and arrive 5 minutes early to sign the waiver

Extreme Kids!

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Now offering Introductory Cheer Class for ages 2-8!

No Experience Required so come have some fun!!


We offer Recreational Tumbling Class and Power Tumbling Class By Level


Break Down of Levels

  • Level 1: Cartwheel, Back walkover, Forward roll, Round off. This class is designed for the novice athlete. No experience is necessary. This class focuses on teaching the basic progressions
  • Level 2: Roundoff back handspring or multiple back handsprings, Front handspring. The athlete must be able to master standing and running multiple roundoff back handsprings without being spotted by a coach before moving to the next level.
  • Level 3: Roundoff back handspring back tuck, Multiple back handsprings, Front tuck
  • Level 4: Roundoff back handspring layout, Multiple back handsprings to tuck, Combinations to layout (front walkover, whip, punch front)
  • Level 5: Roundoff back handspring full, combination to full, standing Multiple back handsprings to Layout
  • Level 6:  standing full, standing to full or double full, running double full, combination to double full


Recreational Tumbling Class:

Tumbling classes are in place to teach kids a variation of gymnastic and acrobatic moves to help prepare them for All Star cheerleading, High School Cheerleading, or just for recreational fun. All athletes are entitled to one free trial class. Our classes are subject to a five athlete minimum. Our tumbling classes are offered to any athletes between the ages of 6-18.

To enroll, please call the front desk at 919-876-8325 or email



Power Tumbling Class 

Power tumbling is a offered to athletes as an extra hour of intensive tumbling focused mainly on skill development and technique work. Power tumbling is offered to athletes enrolled in the Full Year or Half Year All Star program.




To enroll, please call the front desk at 919-876-8325