Super Hero and Ninja Training for Boys of all Ages

We are excited to announce the newest opportunity for training at 1601 Garner Station Blvd…aka the “X-Mansion”

Be sure to mask up and Bring your own water bottle!



Take Flight and Conquer the world like never before!  These Super Heroes will enhance their super powers from dodging obstacles, building strength and agility as we navigate our way around the Globe!  This is an exceptional class that is guaranteed to build coordination and confidence.  Hero Training will be fast, efficient and non stop.



X-Men encompasses

  • Hero Training (Flips, Rolls, Jump, Kicks). Just like you see in the comics and on the Big Screen
  • Numerous Obstacle Courses designed to build strength and agility
  • Tumble training and ninja drills for maximum body coordination

Our curriculum will also instill

  • Discipline
  • Impulse Control
  • Confidence
  • Teamwork
  • Gym Etiquette

The Kryptonite Kids (Ages 12 months to 3 years)

Tuesday 3:30-4:20

  • This program is designed for parents to interact (and watch other little ones interact) with their baby super hero.  We offer a safe haven for moms and dads to enjoy the company of their little ones while watching them improve their coordination and abilities each week.
  • Kryptonite Kids will learn to take turns, be highlighted, and run through a baby-proof obstacle course.
  • We will also work on identifying with music and beat recognition.

The Sidekicks (Ages 3 -6 years)

Tuesday 4:30-5:20

  • The Sidekicks will begin each class by grabbing a super hero cape and taking supervised laps around our 16,000 square foot facility 🙂
  • X-men of this age group will spend the maximum amount of time being creative and following Professor X as he tries to take over the world!
  • This class will encompass challenges that each sidekick will try to overcome!  We have a long list of rolls, drills and other challenges that we try to check off each week!  Sidekicks who make it through training will be ready to take on the world as a super hero!

The Superheroes (Ages 6 and up)

Monday 7:00-8:00

Wednesday 6:00-7:00

  • Professor X will challenge the class each week with a cardio warmup, strength building exercises and obstacle courses/dismounts into the pit
  • This class will encompass challenges that each superhero will try to overcome!  We have a long list of rolls, drills and other challenges that we try to check off each week!

OPEN GYM (Ages 10 & Up)

We will be offering open gym on Fridays for $10 each class for older boys to come learn how to tumble and stunt!  Be on the lookout for days and times this is offered.