We are looking forward to a fantastic Season! The series of videos below are intended to help simplify what Tumbling expectations we are looking for in each level for the upcoming season. It will better help each athlete and parent understand the requirements for each level and give some basic tumbling knowledge to help focus their goals and training.


The Tumbling Expectation/ Technical Overview is a video for what coaches are looking for in all tumbling skills, how they have to be done, and how they are judged on a score sheet. The video is introduced as Level 1, but the concepts in the video pertain to ALL levels. This video is important to watch PRIOR to viewing the level specific video manuals to know what skills we are PREFERRING in each level, that classification system and expectation is described in that video.


The Videos labeled as a “Tumbling Manual” are level specific, and include most (but not all) of standing and running tumbling skills that can be competed in the corresponding level.


Tumbling Expectations/ Technical Overview

Level 1 Tumbling Manual

Level 2 Tumbling Manual

Level 3 Tumbling Manual

Level 4 Tumbling Manual

Level 5 Tumbling Manual

Level 6 Tumbling Manual